Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Brain teaser for iPod Touch

Unblock me

Developed by Kiragames Unblock me is a simple but highly addictive puzzle game involving horizontal and vertical blocks. The goal of the game is to get the red block out of the board.  You have to slide the other blocks back and forth to clear the path
and let the red block move out of the board.

It’s a fun puzzle game however you need to have tactics in managing the other blocks to get the red block out of the board.  Playing this game is easy. Just touch and slide the block with your finger. You can only move the block if it has a free space to move. There are two types of blocks; one with vertical alignment and the other with horizontal alignment. The vertical blocks can move in vertical direction only and the horizontal blocks in horizontal direction only. Make each move with intention of creating the way for the red block to move out of the board. However the red block can move only in horizontal direction. 

Though free version,  it offers the gameplay of “Relax Mode” and “Challenge Mode”. If you are trying it for the first time you can begin with Relax Mode which is less challenging.  There are “Beginner Level”, “Intermediate Level” and “Bonus” too. The free version offers  400 puzzles pack in the Beginner level, Plus 200 unique puzzles in Intermediate and Advanced level.  Playing 'Unblock me' is fun and every level is promising to be more tactic and challenging.

Tiles Puzzle

Do you remember the board puzzle game that you used to play in childhood? If you do and love to play again, then there are games like Tiles Puzzle which runs as an application in your cellphone, iPod Touch or other portable devices. Tiles Puzzle is a famous puzzle game. I have this puzzle game in my iPod Touch and i really enjoy playing it.

Within this app, there are numbers of images, or you can even import the images from your iPod's album to solve the puzzle. Altogether there are 16 spaces. The single image is broken down and scattered in 15 spaces, one space leaving vacant. You have to move the pieces tactfully back and forth the vacant space in order to solve the puzzle. The tiles movement are smooth. There is a preview button that shows a thumbnail of the original image while you play. I love this app and have been playing ever since i have installed it in my iPod Touch. It's really fun to play; what you need is just a bit of logic.


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