Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Apps for iPod Touch

Facebook App for iPhone

With millions of users worldwide and most probably, current standalone social networking site, Facebook has become a trend. It lets you connect with your friends
and family.

Facebook app for iPhone is a popular app and is fully compatible with iPod Touch that give users easy access to this popular social networking site. It's free and i have been using this app ever since i bought this iPod Touch. The Facebook iPhone app lets you do many of the things you can do from your desktop, including checking out your friends' status updates, reading your News Feed and comments, making Facebook Chat, uploading photos, managing friend requests, viewing your in-box, and much more just in a flick.

What i really appreciate about having Facebook application in my iPod Touch is its friendly user interface, lightweight feature and of all, i don't have to trouble switching on the desktop just to check my Facebook updates.


Though the importance of Instant Messaging (IMs) has somewhat decreased in the era of social networking given that there's Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Skype which facilitates with built-in chat, imo instant messanger remains one of the top-notch IMs which offers Multi-Network Instant Messaging.

With imo instant messenger, it’s easy to stay in touch with friends on your existing IM accounts on Facebook Messenger, Google Talk, Skype, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), ICQ/AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Jabber, and Myspace,, Hyves, Steam. Though i barely use all of those networks, Facebook Messanger, Skype and Yahoo Messanger is my favorite ones and imo let's me to use them in a single interface. You can also create account on although you don use it but doing so  will save your linked account information making it a simple task to access all your chats.

With features like automatic sign in, multiple chat at one time, from multiple clients (ie: msn, Facebook and skype chats all going simultaneously), group chat, photo sharing, file sharing, voice IMs, searchable chat history, imo is one of the must have app for iPod Touch. Afterall, network is what really matters today, in terms of success for individual or the group.


iHome+Sleep is the most feature rich music alarm clock app for iOS. Unlike other alarm clock apps or the one that we have on our iPod Touch, this app offers lot more features. iHome+Sleep allows users to define multiple sets of bedtime and wakeup settings such as alarms, wake & sleep music, Facebook and twitter updates, personal reminders, stats log and much more. Users can manage virtually any sleep lifestyle, which can be empowering, and fun.

iHome+Sleep is a popular name for iOS devices. It's free and this app's interface is amazing. Though, using it the first time might prove cumbersome for users. When you first get to the home screen there really is a lot going on. At the top, you can set the weather for your current city and see the weather for the next couple of days. In the middle, you see the current time and a music button, which tells you what song will be playing when you get up in the morning. Then below that, you see a slider with either Bedtime or Wakeup. This slider functions as a way to log your sleep, which the app does a good job of helping you monitor.
The alarm tab lets you define multiple sets of alarms with Sleep-to music and Wake-to tones. You can set a reminder for yourself right before you go to bed or when you wake up in the morning so that you won't missing anything out of your busy life. If you are much of a social networking person, the Social Media option helps you update with Facebook and Twitter about your bedtime and wakeup with the message you want to share.
What i really like about this app is its Stats Log. The no of hours you slept is calculated and the Bedtime is recorded as soon as you swipe Bedtime from the Home Screen which lasts till the swipe of Wakeup.

It also shows your average hours of sleep and the amount of hours you have slept since using the app previously. So if you sort of want control over your sleeping habit, this app really helps you.
Besides this, the other features allows you to make adjustments with Sleep and Wake Volume, change the home screen background and much more. One of the notable feature worth mentioning of this app is Overnight News. If you set up your Twitter and Facebook on the app you can get the option to view your tweets and Facebook posts that you missed while you were sleeping.

Fully customizable alarm manager
Nap alarms
Gentle wake
Wake and Sleep volume control
Wake and Sleep to iPod library
Weather widget with data from The Weather Channel
Full screen clock display with custom photo backgrounds
Sleep statistics and editable sleep log
Wake and Sleep reminders
Facebook & Twitter support
Wake to a summary of social feeds, for your "Overnight News"
Integration with iHome Set for quick configuration of iHome app-enhanced devices

The is a reference application created by the well-known dictionary/reference website It's a popular and extremely handy application which is really useful for those who would like to look up the definitions of words quickly and easily without the need to be connected to a network. Considering the amount of information stored in this application (over 275,000 definitions and over 80,000 synonyms), its file size of roughly 36 MB is reasonable. The app also features audio pronunciations, thesaurus search and voice search.

The application has five tabs: Daily, Favorites, Search, Trends and More

Daily tab can be used if you are connected to Internet. This tab will send you to's Word of the Day entry, Question of the Day, Hot word and others.

Favorite tab saves your favorite picked words so that you don't have to go through the trouble of typing your favorite words over and over again. While searching for word, if you want that particular word to be your favorite word, just tap the "star" symbol and that very word becomes your favorite word.

Search tab allows the users to look up any word they wish. Simply enter your search inquiry into the bar at the top and press Search. It allows the user with facility of searching between the Dictionary or Thesaurus. This section also facilitates the user to make voice search.

Trends tab suggests the trending words, popular words and words that are searched nearby (by geography) for searching.

More tab contains settings option, feedback option, information about and others. Under settings option, the user can select the background, check/uncheck notifications, shake for a word, etc.

This is a must-have application for iPod. Whether you're a casual dictionary user or need a portable dictionary for work or study, this application is perfect for you. It's easy to use and searching the definition of word goes within some seconds.

English Dictionary and Thesaurus - over 275,000 definitions and over 80,000 synonyms
Offline access – no Internet connection needed for most content
Daily content, including Word of the Day & The Hot Word - need Internet Connection
Audio pronunciation - need Internet Connection
Example sentences
Word origin & history
Voice search (five free searches included) - need Internet Connection
Favorite words
Search history
Spelling suggestions
Popular & local trending searches - need Internet Connection
Shake your iPod to receive a random, surprise word

Chordmaster LE

Rock Music has been my favorite genre since teenage and at that time guitar fantasized me much. I remember the time when we used to carry acoustic guitar in our back and go for guitar classes. But now the times have changed and with the development of apps like Chordmaster LE one can learn basic guitar chords staying at home. I have this app in my iPod Touch and it's really fantastic. Though it's a free version, it has a lot to offer to me. It is a great app for a novice guitarist.

Chordmaster LE is a hand-held guitar chord library, developed by Audiofile Engineering, a leading developer of software for Mac OS X and the iPhone, under the musical company Planet Waves. This application, which has a digitally sampled sound library, allows users to view each chord in first position and to strum the virtual strings to play and hear each chord in pristine audio. It has a library of chords and one can navigate to any chord easily and quickly. Under "Settings" tab you can change the "String Labels" between "Note" or "Interval" and if you are left hand guitarist, it facilitates you with "Left-handed Orientation" of the chord however i figure most of the peoples are Right-handed. The graphical layout and the user interface of this app are praiseworthy.

The paid version (full version) of Chordmaster offers a comprehensive and accurate library of over 7,800 guitar chords, displaying notes and fingerings on a virtual fret board and also the option to display the chord anywhere on the virtual fretboard which is quite interesting.

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