Sunday, January 15, 2012

Apps that comes with Nokia 5300 MusicXpress

These are some apps that comes with Nokia 5300 MusicXpress when you first buy it. I really like these apps and Pro Snowboard had been one of my favorite game. Performing cool tricks and awesome jumps for earning points is really fun with Pro Snowboard.

Converter enables you to convert values from one unit into another one very easily. You can choose between 6 predefined categories (Temperature, Currency, Weight, Length, Area, Volume). There are predefined conversions for each category which can be edited, added, renamed and deleted (except Temperature conversions). If you need a conversion which is not predefined, you can enter own conversions.

The Nokia Sensor application consists of a bundle of features enriching social interaction among spatially proximate mobile phone users. It facilitates novel communications among acquainted, semi-acquainted or non-acquainted users, without cost. The Sensor main features are the Sensor Folio (a mobile homepage), Messaging, Guestbook, My Collection (content the user offers to others), Scanning Proximity (finding other Sensor users in close vicinity).

3D Snake
This is the classic Snake game converted into the third dimension. The player can customize his/her game experience by activating several new features and options to his/her liking, in both single- and multiplayer games. Three different game modes (Classic, Custom and Adventure) are available. Classic and Custom may be played against a human opponent via BT, while Adventure mode is for single players only. In a custom game, the player can speed up the overall game experience a lot - perfect for a challenging, quick game in-between. This game takes full advantage of the new 3D graphics and audio capabilities of cutting-edge phones. 3D audio sound will help the player navigate through the maze by locating acoustically new bonus items and fruits - and to identify the position of the opponent in multiplayer.

Pro Snowboard
Perform cool tricks and awesome jumps for maximum airtime, race down the slopes at breakneck speed and beat the records. Complete 18 challenges as fast as you can, perform tricks for extra points, and pass gates in combined challenges. Choose your route carefully – the shortest way may not always be the best. Perform lots of standard tricks in a row for extra points, and unlock special tricks. But whatever you do, stay focussed! Don’t risk too much, because you’ll lose everything if you tumble.


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